Cameras Give You Big Picture in Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is a true legend in our showroom here, serving Boyertown, PA. It's been long known as a tough and reliable pickup truck, offering people loads of satisfaction, as they are built to last. They are also built to be innovative and technologically-advanced, and there is one feature that really stands out.

It stands out because it is a class-exclusive feature, as you get four cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the F-150, so you can see all your surroundings. There is a camera in front, in back, and one each on the side view mirrors. Each work together to give you a full view of the F-150 on the outside, so you know what's around. You can also utilize each camera individually for pulling in, backing up, and getting in and out of corners and other tight spaces.

It's a standout feature we know many people will love. It's why we invite you to stop in to Fred Beans Ford of Boyertown, where we'd be happy to discuss the new F-150, and other new Ford models at your convenience.

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