It's that time of the week again -- Throwback Thursday! -- and we've been holding onto this old video for a few weeks now. As you may have already heard, MotorWeek has been steadily releasing what they're calling "retro reviews," which are old reels from past episodes that primarily aired in the '80s and '90s. Recently, they shared a clip of the 1983 Ford Escort GT, a nameplate which became one of the most successful vehicles for Ford in the '80s.


The GT modifications turned this small hatchback in somewhat of a performance-oriented economy car. By the year 2000, the Escort was ultimately replaced by the nimble, refined, high-tech Ford Focus (although the Ford continued production of the Escort for two more years).


You can check out the MotorWeek retro review of the '83 Escort GT here:


Want to get to know the Escort's successor, the Ford Focus, from behind the wheel of the latest model? We have plenty to go around, so feel free to drop by Fred Beans Ford of Boyertown for the keys to your favorite Focus flavor.

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